Connecting & Investing in People & Communities

with a spirit of generosity & positivity

Funding is fully committed by the Hynds Foundation, and not through an application process.
We are a charitable trust, acting on behalf of the Hynds Group
We are a charitable trust, acting on behalf of the Hynds Group

Who We Are

Hynds Foundation Trustees: Mami & Aaron Hynds, Léonie & John Hynds (Chairman), Robyn & Adrian Hynds.
“Our vision is a thriving New Zealand, where the wellbeing of our people and communities is paramount, inequality is minimised, and opportunity to innovate with positive impact is universally accessible.”
The Hynds Foundation Charitable Trust was established in 2017 as a community funding extension of the business enterprise. People and community are at the heart of the Hynds Foundation.

What We Do

We are driven by the desire to see greater social, cultural, environmental, and economic development in New Zealand.

Our 5 Action Pillars for funding & investment


Assisting the expansion of secondary and tertiary education opportunities, to foster our country’s next generation of innovators.

Health &
Heart Research

Financial support of research and innovative solutions primarily for the benefit of our nation’s population.

Arts & Culture

Promotion and support of arts and culture initiatives, to help build a self-sustaining arts sector that celebrates, inspires and illuminates New Zealand’s diverse culture.

Community Wellbeing

Contributing to improvements in equity, support, resources and outcomes for individuals, families and communities.


Engaging in practical initiatives that seek to provide education, restoration and protection of our natural world, and the minimisation of negative environmental impacts.

Our Impact Reports

Our Projects